Walthers Proto 109125 Gunderson Rebuilt All-Purpose 40′ Well Car, TTX DTTX #455696 (Forward Thinking Logo)

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Details & Specs

Gunderson Rebuilt All-Purpose 40′ Well Car – Ready-to-Run — TTX DTTX #455696 (Forward Thinking Logo)


A must-have for modeling contemporary intermodal operations, WalthersProto Gunderson Rebuilt All-Purpose 40′ Well Cars make it easy to add these distinctive cars to your HO roster! The prototypes were built from obsolete 48′ well cars by removing eight feet from the center and the fifth-wheel hitch plates used for semi-trailers. The two halves were then welded back together, creating these distinctive 40′ well cars. Fully assembled and ready for service, features include:

  • One time run of these roadnumbers, order now – limited quantity available
  • Prototype conversions in service mid-2000s to present
  • Carries containers from 20′ to 40′ in well – 40′ to 53′ top-loaded
  • Etched metal see-through walkways
  • Heavy die cast metal body for excellent operation empty or loaded
  • Authentic body “weld line” details
  • Factory-installed wire grab irons, brake gear and other details
  • Ultra-smooth rolling 33″ RP-25 turned metal wheelsets
  • Proto MAX(TM) metal knuckle couplers



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