Walthers Cornerstone 3211 N Allied Rail Rebuilders

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Details & Specs

N Allied Rail Rebuilders


Performing everything from painting to complete rebuilds, the prototypes for the Walthers Cornerstone Allied Rail Rebuilders kit captures the realism of these large buildings in a size that works on most layouts. Lots of details are included, such as an EMD 567 prime mover, separate roof vents, interior trusses, doors and windows. Allied Rail Rebuilders is typical of brick industrial and maintenance shops and is ideal for other types of heavy industries.

  • Great for steam or diesel-era layouts
  • Brick main building with clerestory
  • Rooftop smokestacks
  • Detailed interior trusses
  • EMD 567 prime mover
  • Molded in appropriate colors
  • Realistic decals



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