Roco 74039 4 piece set: Railjet, ÖBB

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Details & Specs

Set of four Railjet coaches of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).  Epoch VI


The set contains an Economy class end coach, an Economy class coach, a dining coach and a control cab coach.

Interior design imitation depending on the classification of each coach. Elaborately designed coach transisitions. All of the coaches are 1:87 in length. Control cab coach with triple headlights and two red marker lights in LED technology.

■ Version with zone lettering
■ Train route Vienna main station-Salzburg main station
■ With license to haul trains in Italy
■ Perfectly matches the items 78509 and 74042
■ Control cab coach with built-in function decoder
■ With digitally switchable interior lighting and power supplied couplings
■ Licensed ÖBB model




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