Roco 72001 Diesel locomotive class 2062, ÖBB (DCC/Sound)

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Details & Specs

Diesel locomotive class 2062, of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).  The model painted with blood orange colour is equipped with “Pflatsch”, sound decoder and digital coupling.  Epoch IV

■ Completely new design
■ The model with newly developed digital shunting coupling is now available for the first time. More play fun guaranteed !
■ Rich detailing on the model with many plug-in parts and freestanding handles
■ True to original light and sound functions as well as illumination of the driver’s cabIn 1958 the Austrian Federal Railways procured a series of the 400 hp strong diesel locomotives of the series 2062, to replace the cost and labour-intensive steam locomotives which provided shunting services. The Jenbacher Werke in Tyrol built a total of 65 pieces of this small biaxial Diesel locomotive until 1966.
With her eye-catching, cast-ironed front plates, which also served as ballast weights, the locomotive was used throughout Austria for shunting and maintenance services. On the Lower Austrian branch lines, these locomotives hauled passenger trains that had one or two wagons. The last locomotives were decommissioned in 2003. Some of the locomotives are still used today as factory and maintenance train locomotives and are designated series X262.

The model can only be operated to a limited extent with analogue driving devices.


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