Roco 70486 Electric locomotive class 1116 “60 years of ROCO”, ÖBB (DCC/Sound)

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Details & Specs

Electric locomotive class 1116 “60 years of ROCO” of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB).  Epoch VI


■ With elaborate imprints in anniversary design “60 years of ROCO”
■ The headlights of the locomotive can be partially or even entirely switched off with a DIP switch

60 years of ROCO – Reserve your anniversary model!

Starting in spring 2020, a special Taurus locomotive – the class 1116 – will once again be the centre of attention on the railways of Austria and neighbouring countries, eclipsing even the Railjet. The design was created by the artist Gudrun Geiblinger, who has worked with us on elaborate art locomotives for many years. The art locomotive model is an absolute must for every ROCO fan and should not be missing in any collection! The design is still top secret at the moment, however you’re no doubt already wondering what memories Gudrun Geiblinger will trigger in you with our anniversary locomotive!




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