Roco 10822 Z21 digital control center USA

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Roco 10822 – Z21 digital control center USA

The Z21 digital control center connects your model railway system, your digital locomotives and wagons via WiFi to your tablet, smartphone or the Z21 WLANMAUS. No additional networking knowledge is needed for this. You can extend your Z21 digital control center easily due to the large number of interfaces. This also makes it the ideal basis for PC-based automation.

■ Intuitive operating concept for beginners and pros, control of the model railway locomotives through virtual, photo realistic drivers’ cabs of different types of vehicles.
■ you can also easily manage and administrate large train fleets
■ multi-protocol center for DCC and Motorola formats
■ upgrade for existing digitally controlled layouts through backwards compatibility, i.e. Z21 multiMAUS, Lokmaus 2
■ switching of turnouts and solenoids
■ RailCom compatible
■ software and sound of our ZIMO-Sound-Decoders can be updated at anytime
■ Connection of Smartphone, Tablet-PC, Z21 WLANMAUS, Z21 multiMAUS
■ Plug & Play – connect and you are ready to go !
■ Camera locomotives via Z21 app
■ Integrated interface for connecting a PC
■ you can easily connect to your Smartphone via pre-configurated WiFi router

■ 3 times X-Bus
■ main track for DCC and Motorola, 3 A, feedback enabled
■ separate programming track: for programming, decoder updating, sound programming. Feed back enabled.
■ Booster-Bus for Roco Booster 10765, 10805, 10806, 10807, CDE-Booster via 10789
■ Roco-Feedback Bus for Roco Feedback module 10787
■ LAN-Bus, pre-equipped CAN-Bus and LocoNet-Bus
■ Sniffer Bus

Dimensions of Z21: 207 mm x 146 mm x 37 mm.

Dimensions of router: 174 mm x 144 mm x 30 mm.

Contents of delivery:
■ Z21 digital control center
■ switching power supply with NEMA connector
■ pre-configured WiFi router for Plug and Play operations incl. switching power supply with NEMA connector
■ Manual

You can order the back terminal RM3,5 2p (Item 96321) at your online shop as a spare part.

Motorola is a registered trademark of Motorola Inc., Schaumburg, Illinois.

RailCom is a registered trademark of Lenz Elektronik GmbH, Gießen.




Weight 500 g


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