Rapido Trains 127024-6 NSC 3800cuft Cylindrical Hopper: Canadian National – Noodle (White) #371946

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Details & Specs

NSC 3800cuft Cylindrical Hopper: Canadian National – Noodle (White) #371946


Once again Rapido aims to rid layouts and displays of the multitudes of 4550 cu.ft. covered hopper car models incorrectly decorated to represent this true Canuck classic! And best of all, it features all of the same great features from our last run, including crisp lettering and laser-straight etched roofwalks. The prototype cars were designed for carrying bulk commodities like powdered minerals and industrial chemicals, including cement and potash. They are 100-tons in capacity with four hopper compartments totaling 3800-3850 cubic
feet and are fitted with either round or trough hatches. Examples were built by all three of the major car builders in Canada – Marine Industries, Hawker-Siddeley and National Steel Car – and they have traveled to every corner of Canada and the contiguous United States.
Apart from the main carriers such as Canadian National and Canadian Pacific – which together acquired over 4,500 cars between 1965 and 1975 – close to a thousand cars were built for leasing companies, including North American Car Canada (NCHX), Canpotex (PTEX) and Procor (UNPX), while CGLX, NAHX, and more recently WREX, later acquired
fleets secondhand. Many of these are still in service today. The Rapido model has been scaled from manufacturer drawings and includes alternative parts allowing us to represent
the majority of differences between the Marine Industries (MIL) and National
Steel Car (NSC) constructed cars.


Features include:

  • Round-hatch or Trough-hatch design
  • Correct Dofasco S-2 100-ton trucks
  • Two body variations with 6- or 11-side panels
  • Three brake equipment variations and optional additional air reservoir on NSC
    cars (if applicable)
  • Etched running boards and brake changeover platform
  • Factory-installed air pipes and coupler cut levers
  • Finely moulded plastic walkway supports and end cages
  • Full separate air piping and brake equipment details



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