Piko 96488 Diesel locomotive BB 60000 Infra, SNCF

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Details & Specs

Diesel locomotive BB 60000 Infra, SNCF.  Epoch VI
The PIKO model of the striking BB 60000 diesel locomotive shows all the relevant details of its prototype and impresses with the finest paintwork and printing, attached handlebars and railings, sharply engraved bogie covers and correctly designed, filigree lamps. The lighting is provided by LEDs. The standard driver’s cab lighting and the direction-dependent tail lights can be controlled digitally with a PluX22 decoder. A powerful five-pole motor with two precisely balanced centrifugal masses drives all four axles and ensures excellent driving characteristics. The PIKO model also has a heavy die-cast zinc frame for high pulling forces. An uncomplicated upgrade with sound and the largest possible loudspeaker is prepared on the clearly designed circuit board with PluX22 interface. Optional attachable dummy brake hoses and closed replacement aprons are included with the BB 60000 model.



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