Micro Trains Line 99301870 60′ Double Plug Door High-Cube, CN (3 Pack)

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60′ Rib Side, Double Plug Door High-Cube, CN (3 Pack)


National Steel Car company was one of three manufacturers enlisted by Trailer Train Company to build their new fleet of 60’ excess height boxcars in 2003.  These heavy-duty cars featured double plug doors giving the customer a 12’ opening to easily load everything from paper products, appliances to consumables.  Referred to as “Super Duty” cars, they join the growing fleet of “Plate F” cars providing higher capacities for shippers looking to streamline their deliveries.  Our model will feature fine mold detail and micro-fine printing, separate end ladders and brake rod detail, etched-metal brake platforms and painted underframe.  The car will also have correct ride height with body-mounted couplers and all-new 36” metal wheels!



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