Fleischmann 721280 Diesel locomotive 211 236-5, DB (DCC/Sound)

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Details & Specs

Diesel locomotive 211 236 of the German Federal Railway (DB).  Epoch VI


■ Delicately designed model with many extra applied plug-in parts
■ Unobstructed view through the driver’s cab
■ Braking shoes follow the wheel arches exactly
■ Finest handles and steps
■ In digital mode with individually switchable headlights or tail lights
■ With switchable driver’s cab lighting

The class V 100.10 was – after testing of pre-series machines – procured in series from 1961/62. It was used in mixed branch line service on non-electrified lines and in light service on main lines. With an output of 810 kW, it was approved for 100 km/h. In 1968, the machines were re-designated as class 211.



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