ESU 31000 Diesel Locomotive V160, DB (Digital Sound+Smoke, DC/AC)

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Details & Specs

  • New chassis and body design
  • Metal body and chassis
  • Open-worked fan grills on the roof, etched catwalk grating
  • Multi-part bogie sides with real steel springs
  • Separately applied grab bars and step treads
  • NEM shaft with short coupling mechanism
  • Five-pole ESU motor with two flywheels
  • Drive mechanism via Cardan shaft and worm gear to three axles, two traction tires
  • LokSound 5 decoder supporting DCC-, Motorola®-, M4- and Selectrix mode
  • Automatic registration at command stations supporting RailComPlus®- or mfx functionality
  • PowerPack storage capacitor for uninterrupted power supply
  • Speaker with large sound chamber for extremely high sound enjoyment
  • Universal electronics with plug-in pick-up shoe and slide switch for changing between two-rail and three-rail mode
  • Smoke generator is synchronized with LokSound
  • Digitalized original sounds of a class 216
  • Sensor controlled wheel squeal in curves at low speed
  • Directional lighting, headlights can be turned off (when coupled to a consist), shunting mode lighting, driver´s cab lighting and control panel lighting
  • Braking sparks when slowing down rapidly
  • Pipette for filling the smoke generator as well as a second coupler are provided
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  • SKU: 397-31000
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  • Length over buffer:
  • Electrical System:
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