Bachmann Trains 69001 HO Siemens SC-42 Charger, VIA Rail Canada #2200 (DCC/Sound)

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Details & Specs

HO Siemens SC-42 Charger, VIA Rail Canada #2200


The latest in passenger rail technology has arrived at VIA Rail Canada™ with the Siemens SCV-42 Charger locomotive and Venture series passenger cars. Designed to handle harsh Canadian winters while maintaining efficiency and comfort for fast corridor service, the SCV-42 and Venture series train sets are the new face of passenger transportation in eastern Canada.

Features include: 

  • Siemens-approved design
  • dual-mode DCC sound-equipped for sound, speed, direction, and lighting control
  • TCS true CD-quality audio in 16-bit, 44,100Hz sound
  • Keep-Alive® device that keeps your engine running during brief power interruptions
  • voice-guided Audio Assist® programming tool for simple decoder setup without CVs
  • directional headlights, marker lights, auxiliary light, and steady/alternate flashing ditch lights
  • interior corridor work lights
  • English/French station announcements
  • magnetically operated E-Z Mate® Mark II couplers





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