Aurora Miniatures 305058 HO Greenbrier/Gunderson 6276 cf Plate F Boxcar, FBOX #504892

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Details & Specs

HO Greenbrier/Gunderson 6276 cf Plate F Boxcar, FBOX #504892


Aurora Miniatures North America Inc. is pleased to offer a second run of the the Greenbrier / Gunderson 6276 cf 50’ Plate F Boxcar with single plug door in HO scale. From 2004 to present day, thousands of these cars were built by The Greenbrier Companies at its various facilities across the United States and Mexico. Most of these boxcars are assigned to paper service.

Series-Specific Features
• FBOX 504800-505199, TTX Class ‘XGH52’ built in 2004 by Gunderson-Concarril.
• Early version roof with all horizontal panels.
• Early version carbody with tack boards.
• Early version 12′ plug door.
• Early version underbody components arrangement, control valve mounted on same side as the air reservoir.
• Barber S-2-HD-9C trucks.
• Model depicts ‘as-delivered’ appearance of the prototype boxcar.
• TTX Black/White ‘Speed’ Logo on upper right side of car.
• Italic ‘Railcar Pooling Experts’ slogan and website located below logo.
• ‘Next load, any road’ slogan and logo on upper left side of car.
• English-only markings on door.

General Model Features
• The first and only HO scale model of this modern 50’ boxcar!
• All-new model, meticulously designed from various prototype resources.
• Highly detailed, injection-moulded plastic body with accurate ‘grid’ sides.
• Separately applied ladders, handrails, door rods and tracks, air brake system
components and piping, coupler cut levers and air hoses.
• Near-scale size draft gear box with side detailing.
• 100-ton roller-bearing trucks with fully replicated bolster & center plate detail,
side bearings and brake beams. Appropriate truck sideframes per prototype.
• NMRA RP-25, Code 110, machined metal 36” wheelsets featuring prototypical
wheel contour and axle tapering.
• Animated rotating roller-bearing caps.
• Aurora Janney scale head couplers installed.
• Precision painting and printing.
• 18 road numbers offered for this run’s FBOX 2004 paint scheme.



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