American Limited Models 2035 TrinityRail 3281 Cu.Ft. 2-Bay Covered Hopper, HWCX #7991

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Details & Specs

TrinityRail 3281 Cu.Ft. 2-Bay Covered Hopper – Ready to Run — Halliburton #7991 (2020; gray, Yellow Conspicuity Marks)



Based on similar, larger covered hoppers in the TrinityRail catalog, these cars are distinctive in comparison to older 2-bay covered hopper designs thanks to their overhanging, arched roof profile, heavy top reinforcement chord, and folded jack pads at the bolsters. This design has proven to be popular with shippers and railroads alike, and can be seen traveling singly in manifest trains, in large groups, and even in “unit trains” hauling a single commodity.

Due in late 2014, our brand new HO Scale 3281 cf 2-Bay Covered Hopper features all new state-of-the-art tooling from one of the premier HO scale tool houses. Body tooling is all new, based on prototype drawings and measurements. Additional features include:

• New tooling for trucks and wheelsets

• Photoetched coupler walkovers

• Wire formed grab irons

• Photoetched roof walk

• Engineering plastic cut bars

• NMRA compliant weight

• Road # specific lettering: LD LMT, LT WT, Trinity Rail Job #, etc.

• Scale size lower shelf working couplers without trip pin



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